Culture is not straight forward but is measurable and predictable

We contribute to the work of those most concerned with building productive, healthy organizations that are great for people and great for results.

We have a unique methodology for understanding what makes people tick.  We measure and map the values, beliefs and motivations of populations, organizations, groups, teams and individuals.

By revealing values as prime drivers of behaviour, we help leaders to access and tap into the complex system of human motivations that are at play in their organizations.

 The Three Worlds


We live in one world and share one planet but our senses mislead us if we conclude we all experience the same reality.  Proven statistical analysis and rigorously tested insights reveal that where human communication and motivation are concerned, we have not one world but three - Settler, Prospector and Pioneer.

These Three Worlds are hidden because they are not physical but psychological.  What divides them are their most deeply held beliefs about what is 'really important' - their Values


Values are a set of deeply held subconscious beliefs that shape our self-perception and the way we perceive the world.  


‘What makes a person tick’ is explained by values.  These subconscious drives affect every decision made and every action taken to obtain what he or she needs to get satisfaction and fulfilment in life.

It's personal.

Our Culture Constellation™

The Cultural Dynamics model is captured in our Culture Constellation™ to map out the values of individuals or any size groups of people.  ​The Culture Constellation™ is a baseline, current visual map of how values are distributed in an organization.


It enables us to explain and/or predict:​

  • Natural tension between people / teams​

  • Change readiness​

  • Appetite for innovation – who?​ how many?

  • Who is most concerned about rules, results relations and risk?​

  • Who will fit the culture

​​The Culture Constellation™ is a clear and precise picture of an organisation’s present and future dynamics.​ From this culture baseline, people-driven action plans can be created from accurate insights, and tuned to an organization’s goals and ambitions.


Glass Buildings


Arguably the toughest job in any organisation.  People management can be complicated, messy, time-consuming and even thankless.

Why can it be so hard to be a successful People Manager?  


Because it goes head to head with emotion, and the default is often to focus on task and steer clear of emotion. 



The no.1 reason for project failure is a lack of stakeholder engagement.

Time pressed Project Leaders have to base their judgements of people on experience and intuition.


This subjectivity can lead to misunderstandings because we tend to see people through who we are rather than through who they are.

Bar Chart


Hiring the right sales talent and developing the best sales performance culture is the most pressing people issue facing Sales Leaders.


The nature of sales requires Sales Leaders to be unerring in knowing the innate motivational drives of each team member.


We reveal the source code to tapping into innate motivations.


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