Online Learning

We have e-learning available that introduces you to the Values and the system behind being able to measure and understand what makes people 'tick'.

It is the first step to starting your journey into 'Values Modes' - a system which uncovers human motivations and how people 'tick' in not one but three different ways. 

This is prerequisite learning for our Introduction to Values: The Three Worlds Workshop.

Access our online learning here.

Looking at Values at Work

Watch our video about how Values could empower and make a difference in the existing culture or transformation in the workplace.

Resources to dive deeper...

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To learn more about the three worlds, read Chris Rose's book - 'What Makes People Tick'.


If you want to communicate effectively with people - especially if you want to persuade them to act - you need to start from where they are, not from where you are. The failure to do this lies at the root of many communications damp squibs, disasters and social conflicts.

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The Cultural Dynamics Technical Manual


A deep dive into the development, validity and reliability of the Values Modes Survey.

This is a downloadable PDF. Click the image to open.

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