Client stories

Innovation  - why people can get in the way

Values research reveals who produces innovation and reveals why blocks to putting ideas into action occur in an organization.

Performance gearing for Wealth Advisors

The ability to execute chosen market strategy is a direct function of people’s values.  Values misalignment leads to stalled performance.

Transformed Sales Results

Doubling lead conversion rates plus 70% increase in high values sales - the outcome of Using Values Modes to understand what makes people tick - both customers and sales professionals.

People buy pubs, not beer

Using values data to redesign the pub experience resulting in this business becoming an innovative market leader for differentiated pub and restaurant experiences.

Reorganisations  need not to be rescued

Organization changes driven by financial and efficiency imperatives often overlook the people in the system which can subsequently have a debilitating effect on those expected to perform.  ​Values intelligence unlocks re-organization meltdown and accelerates self management and personal responsibility.

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