The Values DNA of your business


The needs and motivations of each individual based upon their values are deeply personal and human.


The Three Worlds of Values are already impacting your business each and every day.

A dominant Values group of employees will lead to dominant behaviours which may or may not be aligned to your business strategy.

Our UNIQUE Culture Constellation™ maps the values of any group you choose - to whatever size. 

Example: A Settler based Organization

In this example each dot is an individual who has completed the Values Modes™ Survey.  The majority are within the Settler space. 

The Settlers hold the predominant values narrative for this organization.  This suggests that the culture of the organization is characterized by morality (what’s right and what’s wrong), safety, belonging, and the past – essentially, it’s about rules.

The Prospectors may find the culture to lack pace, energy and fun.

The Pioneers will find it difficult to introduce new ways of working that they are likely to develop.  If they are to be successful in doing so, small incremental steps would be more effective than anything that approaches sweeping change.

The influence that any values group has on culture will be in some way contingent on their position and authority in your organization.


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